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Pathways to College: Bridges and Barriers for First-Generation Latino Students


Latino student enrollment in college has increased significantly over the past few years, but the group's bachelor degree attainment rates continue to be the lowest of all other racial and ethnic groups. One factor researchers have pointed to as influencing this disparity is the first-generation college-going status of many Latino students. In this course, we will examine the intersections of race-ethnicity, class, immigrant status, and gender within the larger label of Latino, and how various factors relating to those identities (such as discrimination) can influence college degree attainment. The course will take a chronological look at the various barriers and bridges that impact Latino students¿ path to college success, beginning in high school. We will use a social-ecological model to guide our understanding of how factors such as family and ethnic identity but also school structures and policies work together to influence college access and persistence. This course will draw on research from various fields including psychology, sociology, education, and ethnic studies to help us reach a more holistic understanding of the journey to and through college for first-generation Latinos.

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