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20th Anniversary: Fall 2016

Thematic Course - Presidential Politics: Race, Class, & Gender in the 2016 Election (CSRE 12)

The Undergraduate Program in Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity will sponsor a 1-3 unit, thematic course—open to students, the Stanford community, and the public—on race and the Presidential election. The course will include four sessions focused on race and gender, race and inequality, race and the media, and race and criminal justice in the 2016 election; an introductory session and wrap-up class focused on post-election analysis; and debate-watching events leading up to the election on 11/8/16. Each of the five primary class sessions will feature a panel of experts—a mix of invited keynote speakers and Stanford faculty—that will present on the featured topic and engage in dialogue with one another and course participants. Example keynote speakers include scholar and author Michael Eric Dyson (author of The Black Presidency: Barak Obama and the Politics of Race in America) for the race and inequality session, award-winning journalist Maria Hinojosa (host of NPR’s Latino USA) for the race and media session, and journalist and political analyst Nate Cohn (The New York Times, The Upshot) for the post-election session. This course will highlight CCSRE’s Fall 2016 anniversary theme, Doing Race.

Reunion/Homecoming - Classes Without Quizzes & Alumni Reception 

This October, CCSRE will host its first CWOQ course and 20th anniversary alumni reception. CCSRE has graduated over 400 majors and minors since its founding in 1996, including notable young alums Henry Tsai (tech entrepreneur), Jidenna Mobisson (recording artist and musician), and Jane Kim (lawyer and San Francisco supervisor). In conjunction with the Presidential Politics course and Fall 2016 theme Doing Race, the CWOQ class will also focus on race and politics and is tentatively titled, Racing the Presidential Election: Black Republicans, Green Latinos, and Multiracial Voters. The class will feature CCSRE affiliated faculty and race and politics experts Ana Minian (History), Corey Fields (Sociology), and Lauren Davenport (Political Science). The class will be followed by a reception and networking session for CCSRE alums, current students, faculty, and affiliates as well as the broader Stanford alumni community. 

Digital Storytelling Project

During Spring 2016, CCSRE kicked off participation in University Communication’s digital media pilot program. In collaboration with UComm’s digital media strategy group, the center is in the process of launching a digital media initiative to expand the center’s communications capabilities and capacity to engage with its key audiences. Next year’s 20th anniversary provides an excellent opportunity to share who we are, what we do, and why our work is crucial to educating racially literate citizens and leaders and to fostering a more equal and effective diverse society. To do so, we are developing a 20th anniversary digital storytelling project in which CCSRE faculty, students, and alumni share personal and professional stories about what CCSRE means to them, how they bring a CCSRE perspective on race and ethnicity into their work and lives, and how they hope to inspire social change and a more just world. We will share these stories through compelling photo essays and personal profiles, as well as design a digital engagement campaign to disseminate these stories to the Stanford community and beyond.