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20th Anniversay: Spring 2017

Representing Race Panel Event

During Spring 2017, CCSRE will feature another special panel on the quarterly theme, Representing Race. The panel will feature keynote speakers and faculty responders who are members of the CCSRE community. The event will include readings, performances, and screenings.

Research Insights & Solutions Project: RaceWorks

Throughout the next academic year, CCSRE is also working to develop an interactive, online digital learning hub that will: 1) spotlight the latest Stanford thinking and research on race, ethnicity, and inequality, 2) facilitate more informed and effective dialogue about difference both on and off campus, and 3) disseminate research-based strategies and solutions to foster an equal and inclusive diverse society. Called “RaceWorks,” this online resource will feature brief, 3-5 minute videos portraying Stanford faculty in conversation about how and why race matters across timely topics and issues, highlighting key findings from their research and recommending evidence-based ways to promote a racially just and equal world. The videos will be supplemented by additional resources to help viewers learn more (e.g., popular articles, academic readings, and websites to provide knowledge), talk more (e.g., vivid examples, conversation starters, and resources for dialogue), and do more (e.g., community-based organizations or activities to provide opportunities to take action). To provide opportunities for interaction and conversation, the site will include a social space in which viewers can answer, and see a curated set of responses to, question stems asking them to reflect on “how race works.” 

Digital Storytelling Project

During Spring 2016, CCSRE kicked off participation in University Communication’s digital media pilot program. In collaboration with UComm’s digital media strategy group, the center is in the process of launching a digital media initiative to expand the center’s communications capabilities and capacity to engage with its key audiences. Next year’s 20th anniversary provides an excellent opportunity to share who we are, what we do, and why our work is crucial to educating racially literate citizens and leaders and to fostering a more equal and effective diverse society. To do so, we are developing a 20th anniversary digital storytelling project in which CCSRE faculty, students, and alumni share personal and professional stories about what CCSRE means to them, how they bring a CCSRE perspective on race and ethnicity into their work and lives, and how they hope to inspire social change and a more just world. We will share these stories through compelling photo essays and personal profiles, as well as design a digital engagement campaign to disseminate these stories to the Stanford community and beyond.