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Director's Welcome Message


Since our founding in 1996,  the Center has served as  Stanford's place to debate, discuss and develop research about racial justice, inequality, racialization, equity and difference. Interdisciplinarity and intersectionality are at the core of our mission. We understand that the complex dynamics of race and racism require both quantatitve and qualitative attention.  At CCSRE we believe that race and ethnicity affect virtually every aspect of our lived experience:  from questions of citizenship,  sexuality, health, technology, law, literature, policing, economics, social media,  the arts, housing  and more.  The Center works to foster meaningful dialogue about the myriad ways that race and ethnicity shape our theoretical ideas and our institutions. Students in our undergraduate IDP and our new Ph.D. minor work with our many  affiliated faculty and partners across the entire University--in departments, community centers, as well as local and international  entities. We invite everyone to  join us for our many exciting classes, lectures, workshops and events that  focus on race and ethnicity and mobilizing knowledge in the creation of a more just and equitable world.  Our mission to foster evidence-based research is an urgent one in our era of competing global ethnic nationalisms, growing white supremacy,  rapid technological change, mass incarceration, unprecedented population shifts due to climate change and other aspects that compel immigration as well as increasing economic disparities.  In the face of these many transformations, we foster multiracial colloboration and educate our students and publics in Chicano/a/x -Latino/a/x studies, Native American Studies, Asian American Studies, Jewish Studies and Comparative Studies  including Black Studies, Arab Studies and more.