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Director's Welcome Message


For more than twenty years, the Center has been Stanford's place to debate, discuss and develop questions about race, equity and justice. Interdisciplinarity and intersectionality are at the heart of our mission. We believe that multiple lenses are needed to reveal the complex work of race, racism, difference, power and knowledge. At CCSRE we understand that race and ethnicity affect every idea and interaction: to us, each invocation of key words such as citizenship, gender, sexuality, health, technology, law, literature, policing, economics, social media, housing, language  and the like bespeak race and ethnicity. All of us at the Center work to foster meaningful dialogue about the myriad ways that race and ethnicity are at work in lived experience and theoretical arguments. So too, we work to improve race relations on campus with a vast array of partners, in our community engaged learning programs and beyond the University. We hope that you will join us  for our many exciting classes, lectures, workshops and events which focus on dismantling hierarchies of race and ethnicity and mobilizing knowledge in the creation of a more just and equitable world. We believe that our mission is an urgent one in our era of competing nationalisms, technological change, mass incarceration, unprecedented population shifts and economic disparity.