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How to Declare

Whether you’ve just heard about CSRE and would like to learn more, or you already know it's the program for you, the next step is to reach out!

Learn More about the CSRE Family of Programs

See the CSRE Family of Programs' Stanford Bulletin page to review the requirements pertaining to the degree you're interested in, and then please feel free to reach out to our CSRE Peer Mentors! They are current students in the CSRE Family of Programs, and would be happy to schedule a meeting to speak with you about your interests, what CSRE offers, their path to the program, and help you on your way to declaring!

CSRE Peer Mentors

Photo of Peer Mentor, David Albán Hidalgo

David Albán Hidalgo (CSRE, '17)

Originally from Quito, Ecuador, David Albán Hidalgo has also found homes in Caracas, Venezuela; Seattle, Washington, and more recently, in different communities within La Comunidad de Estánfor and in exploring Andean cultures/languages in Cusco, Perú. Last spring, he graduated with a B.A. in CSRE and a B.S. in Symbolic Systems, focusing on different perspectives on human learning and social issues. David is excited to come back one last year for a Master's in Latin American Studies and is looking forward to exploring issues of bilingualism, identity social justice and creative expression in Andean Latin America and its diaspora. In the future, David hopes to engage in meaningful work, as a scholar and an educator, working alongside communities that he cares about to imagine and work to create more just worlds.

To schedule a meeting with David, please send an email to

Photo of Peer Mentor, Jasmín Espinosa

Jasmín Espinoza (CHILATST, '18)

Hi y'all! My name is Jasmín Espinosa Jaimes and I'm a Chicana currently a junior studying Chicanx-Latinx Studies and Psychology. I am originally from Dallas, Texas but was raised in Norcross, Georgia so you know I love my sweet tea. My aspirations include studying law in the future to give back to communities in need, specifically undocumented people. My involvements on campus include being a part of MEChA de Stanford, ASSU Senate and Lambda Theta Nu Sorority, inc.

To schedule a meeting with Jasmín, please send an email to

Photo of Peer Mentor, Andrea Flores

Andrea Flores (CHILATST, '18)

Andrea Flores (she/her/hers) is a senior double majoring in Sociology and Chicanx-Latinx studies. Her roots lie in the central valleys of the state of Mexico but she was born and raised in Waukegan, IL. She is interested in critical race theory, education, and understanding historical traumas and how they affect people of color in present day.

To schedule a meeting with Andrea, please send an email to

Photo of Peer Mentor, Olivia Peeps

Olivia Peeps (CSRE, '18)

Bay area native whose aesthetic has been described as “coming back from sports practice” and/or 70% sweatpants-30% human. She is currently a Senior majoring in CSRE, specifically the race and the american city concentration. She spent the first couple years at Stanford trying to reconcile her passion for social justice with studying electrical engineering. Ultimately, Olivia made the move to CSRE and is happy to talk about this transition (and why you should make it, too!!!). She eventually hopes to either work in labor on issues of workers’ rights violations or on making urban planning and the built environment more equitable. You can catch her at the Bridge, working at the SARA office, playing pickup sports, or on the picket line in San Francisco.

To schedule a meeting with Olivia, please send an email to

Photo of Asian American Studies liason, Savannah Pham

Savannah Pham (AAS, '18) (Asian American Studies Liason)

Savannah is a junior double majoring in Psychology and Asian American Studies. On campus, she is involved in the Asian American Students' Association, Stanford Vietnamese Student Association, Mua Lac Hong, and DreamCatchers. She is passionate about API history and encouraging more students to learn about the foundational API American history that has led to the current climate of the community.

To schedule a meeting with Savannah, please reach out to, or, drop by her Office Hours in the Asian American Activities Center on Fridays from 1-3pm

Additionally, you may schedule an informational meeting with CSRE's Student Services Coordinator, Jordan Gray, by sending an email with your availability to

Fill Out a Proposal

After you’ve learned more about our program, and have decided it's the right fit for you, the next step is to fill out a major or minor proposal form for the program of your choosing.

Major Proposals

CSRE Major Proposal

ASNAMST Major Proposal

CHILATST Major Proposal

JEWISHST Major Proposal

NATIVEAM Major Proposal

Minor Proposals

CSRE Minor Proposal

ASNAMST Minor Proposal

CHILATST Minor Proposal

JEWISHST Minor Proposal

NATIVEAM Minor Proposal

Finding Courses

We recognize that course offerings vary from year to year. Look through previous years on Explore Courses to see if you can find a pattern, such as a course being offered every other year, two years off one year on, etc.** Additionally, you can use the following tags in Explore Courses to search for CSRE courses:





**Since this is a proposal, and not a fixed plan, it is fine that a student take different courses than those in the submitted proposal. However, be sure that you will still reach the unit minimum for the plan, and along the way, please send updated and accurate versions of your major proposal form to Jordan Gray ( if anything has changed since the original submission.

If you have questions about your proposed course of study, or any concerns regarding what courses to include in your proposal, please feel free to reach out to Jordan Gray ( and schedule an in person meeting.

Submitting the Proposal

After you have a completed proposal that meets at least the minimum requirements and units for your plan – 60 for Majors, 30 for Minors – please send the Excel file to Jordan Gray (, CSRE’s Student Services Specialist.

You will then be given feedback on the proposal. If any adjustments are to be made, please make them and resend.

Once the proposal looks ready, it will be submitted to the Director of the relevant Program for review and signature.

Official Declaration

After proposals are signed, you will be notified by email, and can then log onto Axess and officially declare the B.A. or minor!

For further questions, please reach out to Jordan Gray (