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Student Resources and Forms


Major/Minor Declaration Form

  • The Major/Minor Declaration Form is to officially declare a major/minor in one of our 5 undergraduate programs. Please only fill out the form once you have seen all the requirments and are ready to declare.
  • Visit our How to Declare Page for a step by step guide on how to declare the major/minor

Course Petition Form

  • Typically, course petitions are submitted the quarter after a student has completed the course they wish to petition and determined that the topics, themes, and ideas explored in the course were about race, ethnicity, and/or their thematic concentration

Honors Application for Majors

Honors Application for Non-Majors



Up-to-Date Forms

  • Find the most current Student Services forms and resources 

Changing Academic Program Form

  • Want to declare a Secondary Major in the CSRE Family of Programs, or, change your academic program as a senior? Use the below form, get it signed by the CSRE Student Services Specialist, and turn it in to the Student Services Center on the 2nd Floor of Tressider.

Multiple Major/Minor form for Graduates

  • Students with multiple majors, or, a major and minor, etc. must complete the Multiple Major Minor Form and get it signed by the Student Services representative for each major or minor and then turn the completed form into the Student Services Center on the 2nd Floor of Tressider prior to graduation.

Undergraduate Checklist for Graduates

  • To ensure you are completing all steps necessary to graduate.

13th Quarter Petition

13th Academic Plan

  • If you are not able to complete your major or undergraduate requiremnts in 12 quarters, you may petition for a 13th quarter. Please be sure to work with an advisor in UAR to develop a plan to complete your requirements and earn your degree.


Declaration Survey

  • To be completed by every CSRE major/minor before they officially declare.

Senior Exit Survey

  • To be completed by every CSRE major/minor after they have graduated. 


Campus Resources for Students

Student Services Center Resources

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