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Asian American Studies



Asian American Studies (AAS) began as a scholarly movement in the academy to legitimize the study of Asian peoples and communities in America. Since its intellectual birth in the 1960s, Asian American Studies has brought new forms of scholarship, a new generation of scholars, and an infusion of intellectual vitality to American higher education. The AAS Program at Stanford has done much of the same for this campus over the last 25 years. AAS provides students with the interdisciplinary training necessary to approach complex issues in an interdependent world. Our classes are found across the university, including in the departments of psychology, history, music, art, literature, anthropology, and education.
Students have access to a variety of special resources, including academic and peer mentoring, summer paid internships, community-based learning, and special programs sponsored by the program and Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity. The program promotes the development of close professional relationships with faculty and staff that provide students the intellectual and administrative support to obtain a rewarding academic experience and a set of knowledge and skills that can be taken into many professional fields and endeavors.
AAS Majors and Minors have gone on to become Rhodes scholars, lawyers, educators, doctors, scientists, elected political leaders, community activists, and business executives. Most have taken their AAS degrees to graduate programs across the country.
I invite you to learn more about AAS at Stanford and the very special community that supports our academic mission. I look forward to meeting you!
Tomás Jimenez
Director, AAS

Associate Professor of Sociology

If you are a student interested in learning more about, or declaring, a major or minor in Asian American Studies, please reach out to the CSRE Peer Mentors and/or, CSRE’s Student Services Specialist, Byron Barahona (