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Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity

A welcome from the Director

Welcome to Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity (CSRE). This undergraduate program promotes the understanding of race and ethnicity in comparative perspectives. All Stanford students are welcome to participate in the rich set of courses in programming that we offer. 
We take the comparative part of the program seriously. Our highly interdisciplinary set of courses examine race and ethnicity by comparing experiences and perspectives across groups, time, space, and national origin. Our courses also explore how race and ethnicity intersect with other kinds of identities, such as gender, sexuality, class, and nation. We invite you to explore the range of classes we offer here: CSRE Courses
We also invite you to deepen your understanding of race and ethnicity through our programming. Our quarterly speaker series, "Race in the Real World," features an individual whose career involves direct engagement with race and ethnicity. Our biweekly open discussion, "Why so CSREious," is an opportunity for students to engage in open and honest conversations about race and ethnicity. We also have a series of outings to events in the Bay Area throughout the year. Again, our programming is open to anyone who wishes to attend.
If you would like some guidance navigating our classes, programming, and outings, please get to know our fabulous student CSRE Peer Mentors.  The Peer Mentors contribute to making CSRE a vibrant program, and they are available to speak with you about anything and everything related to the program.
Of course, our Student Service Specialist, Jordan Gray, and I would be happy to speak with you about the program too. Feel free to be in touch.
Tomás Jiménez
Director, CSRE
Professor of Sociology

If you are a student interested in learning more about, or declaring, a major or minor in Comparative Studies in Race & Ethnicity, please reach out to the CSRE Peer Mentors and/or, CSRE’s Student Services Specialist, Jordan Gray (