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Comparative Studies in Race & Ethnicity

The first degree in Comparative Studies in Race & Ethnicity was conferred in 1998. There was only one CSRE B.A. degree and one CSRE minor granted that year. The following year, 17 students earned B.A.s in CSRE, and each of the existing programs in the CSRE Family of Programs (Asian American Studies, [then] Chicana/o Studies, and Native American Studies) each conferred at least one B.A. and one minor to graduating students. Since that time, the CSRE Family of Programs has granted bachelors degrees and minors to over 450 students.

The CSRE major itself has evolved over the years. As a program, CSRE intends to cultivate in students a knowledgeable understanding of race and ethnicity, how these categories are, and have been, formed throughout history, and most importantly how they affect the daily lives of individuals and communities in the United States and across the world.

While the aspirations of the CSRE program are quite clear, the paths that students take en route to these understandings are open and flexible. With concentrations such as Race & Health; Identity, Diversity & Aesthetics; Education, Access & Equity; Intersectionality, and more, students are free to work with both faculty and staff to develop a course of study that will meet the learning goals of the CSRE program andallow students to gain further knowledge of self by exploring their passions and interests.

The CSRE Program works to encourage and support students along their intellectual and intrapersonal journies while at Stanford. It is the hope of the program that CSRE alumnae will use the knowledge, perspective, and wisdom gained during their undergraduate carrer to positively impact the world in whichever sector, profession, or pursuit one continues on to after graduating.