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Jewish Studies Minor Requirments (An Overview) 

In order to earn a Minor in Jewsih Studies, students must complete at least 30 units toward the minor.

  • 5 Units of a Core Curriculum Course (CSRE 196C) 
  • 5 Units of a Major Core Course
  • 20 Units of Jewish Focused Courses

Core Curriculum (5 Units)

Minors must take Intro to CSRE (CSRE 196C). 

Major Core Course (5 Units)

Minors are required to take one major-core course in Jewish Studies. Major Core Courses Include: Jewish Studies 183 and 185B

Jewish Focus (20 Units)

Minors are required to complete their additional courses in Jewish Studies from an approved list. All classes should have a Jewish focus.

To find a more detailed overview of this minor please visit our Bulletin Page.

If you are ready to declare, please visit the How to Declare Page.