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**For an official list of all requirements and policies related to the degrees that the Undergraduate Program in Comparative Studies in Race & Ethnicity offers, please see the CSRE Bulletin page**

About the Minor

Minoring in one of the programs in the CSRE Family is a great way to allow yourself the opportunity to experience a more well rounded education. Because of the low unit requirement, our programs' minors nicely complement most humanities disciplines, and even a large number of majors in the sciences!

Photo of CSRE Minor certificate

Minor Requirements

To earn a minor in any program in the CSRE Family, students must complete at least 30 units of coursework dedicated to the minor.

With the exception of a minor in Comparative Studies in Race & Ethnicity, each minor consists of:

  • Introduction to CSRE
  • 1 Foundational course about the specific ethnicity related to the minor
  • 20 units or coursework focused specifically on the ethnicity related to the minor

The CSRE minor consists of:

  • 2 CSRE Core courses
  • 20 additional units of CSRE Family, or CSRE affiliated, coursework

For a visual representation of each minor’s requirements, please see the Minor Proposal Forms

Learn More

To learn more about the minors that the CSRE Family of Programs offers and what opportunities are available to you, please reach out to the CSRE Peer Mentors, and/or, CSRE’s Student Services Specialist, Byron Barahona.

If you would like to be added to the CSRE_Prospectives mailing list, please email