CCSRE Graduate Fellowship Nomination Information

The fellowship awards tuition at the 8- to 10-unit level and provides an annual stipend of approximately $50,000 (covering all four quarters) for three years. Prospective Fellows must be nominated by CCSRE-affiliated faculty during the PhD admission season.

APPLICATION DEADLINE - Wednesday, March 2nd

For the 2022-2023 academic year, we will be offering four fellowship positions.


Nominees must be

  • Newly admitted Stanford doctoral students matriculating in Fall 2022
  • Committed to pursuing research concerning race and ethnicity
  • Nominated by a CCSRE-affiliated faculty member
  • In residence at Stanford

CCSRE’s candidates will be approved by the Graduate Fellowships Faculty Advisory Committee (GFFAC), a University-wide faculty committee that reviews VPGE-administered Stanford fellowships. GFFAC decisions will be made in mid-March. The offer of the CCSRE-GF will be extended shortly thereafter in collaboration with VPGE and the admitting department.

Nomination Process:

To nominate a student, please fill out the form below:

CCSRE Graduate Fellowship Nomination Form

Required nomination materials:

  • Nomination statement from a CCSRE-affiliated faculty member. The nomination statement should describe:
    • the student's qualifications and their fit for the admitting department
    • the faculty members with whom the student is likely to work
    • the student's interests and plans for conducting research related to race and ethnicity
    • how the student will benefit from participating in CCSRE's program.
  • A copy of the nominee’s graduate application to Stanford, including transcript(s), references, and cover sheets. *You may submit a copy via ADMIT (pool name: VPGE_CCSRE 2022). Unofficial transcripts are acceptable.

Responsibilities over the course of the fellowship year:

  • No other employment, assistantship, or fellowship (unless specifically intended for travel or research expense) may be held concurrently. Exceptions to this restriction must be approved by CCSRE.
  • Fellows must enroll in the CSRE Graduate Fellows Seminar.
  • Fellows must attend the Center’s Faculty Seminar Series and quarterly Faculty Fellows Chautauquas.
  • Fellows must be in residence at CCSRE during the fellowship year; they are expected to attend events and the biweekly seminar in person.
  • Fellows will mentor 2-4 undergraduate majors and meet with them at least once per quarter.
  • Fellows will submit a report detailing the year’s work at the end of each fellowship year.

Nomination Deadline: Wednesday, March 2, 2022


Heidi M. López, Finance Assistant and Administrative Associate
lopezhm [at] or (650) 725-9141