Awards & Prizes

Albert Camarillo

Albert M. Camarillo Senior Paper Prize

This award recognizes one graduating Senior for excellence in the completion of the Senior Paper.

Arturo Islas, Jr. Prize

The Islas Prize was established in 1993 by the parents of Arturo Islas in memory of their son. Professor Islas was an integral part of the Stanford community as an undergraduate, a graduate student, and from 1970-1991, an esteemed member of the faculty in the Department of English. The Islas Prize is awarded to a senior whose accomplishments at Stanford best exemplify the intellectual interest, background, and values of Arturo Islas, Jr. Preference for this prize is given to students in the humanities or social sciences. The selection of the prize recipient is based on outstanding academic achievement, a demonstrated intellectual interest in Chicano studies (broadly defined), a commitment to advancing opportunities for Chicanos in higher education, and an interest in pursuing graduate studies.

Dorothy Steele Award for Community Outreach and Engagement

The Dr. Dorothy M. Steele Award for Community Engagement and Social Justice is named in honor of CCSRE’s first Executive Director. Dr. Steele’s research on identity-safe classrooms as places to belong and learn improved the lives of children from diverse and historically marginalized communities. She was a friend to many and a tireless advocate for social justice throughout her life. This award recognizes and honors the exceptional work of students who integrate service to the community with their academic work. It acknowledges that what is learned in the classroom can provide the skills and tools to work for a better world and vice versa

George M. Fredrickson Award for Excellence in Honors Research

The George Fredrickson Award For Excellence in Honors Research is presented to students whose honors thesis demonstrate the academic rigor and commitment to justice that George Fredrickson believed were necessary dimensions of scholarship. Fredrickson’s scholarship focused on  the history of white supremacy with an eye toward abolishing its grip on U.S. culture and a founding member of CCSRE.

Margarita Ibarra CSRE Community Building Award

The Margarita Ibarra CSRE Community Building Award was established in 2011 in honor of Margarita Ibarra, who served as CSRE’s Student Services Coordinator for 14 years.  This award is given to a student who best exemplifies Ibarra’s commitment to building and sustaining a dynamic community for learning, support, and leadership.