CSRE Undergraduate Council

Overview: CSRE Undergraduate Council Members are a group of undergraduate students that make up the leadership for the Comparative Studies in Race & Ethnicity Academic Program. As a general council member, students are expected to:

  • Create and implement intentional events and programs designed to create a stronger CSRE community and develop its members in more holistic ways.
  • Serve as the voice for CSRE majors and minors in decisions regarding the CSRE academic program.
  • Outreach to larger campus community in order to recruit more CSRE affiliated students
  • Represent CSRE majors and minors in on campus & off campus recruitment events
  • Ensure that new major & minors have the tools and resources needed to succeed in their major/minor

This is a year-long paid position for undergraduate students.


Council Chair: The Council Chair is responsible for leading the CSRE Undergraduate Council in coordination with the Student Services Specialist. The Council Chair serves as a liaison with the Undergraduate Council, the CCSRE Staff & Directors, the undergraduate majors & minors, and the Community Centers & Other Academic Programs on campus. The Council Chair prepares agendas for and runs CSRE Undergraduate Council meetings. The Council Chair leads the rest of the team in goal setting, teambuilding activities, while holding the rest of the council accountable for following through with programs, attending meetings, and being an overall productive member of the CSRE Council

Academic Programs Chair: The Academic Programs Chair is responsible for ensuring that the mission of the undergraduate academic program gets accomplished through surveying, advocating, and implementing programs, policies, and events that enrich the academic experience of the undergraduate majors and minors. It is the job of The Academic programs chair to help orient new majors and minors, and serve as a resource/mentor for student needs. The Academic Programs chair is also responsible researching student needs in terms of academics, and helping alleviate those issues by coming up with creative and thoughtful solutions.

Community Development Chair: The Community Development Chair is responsible for unifying the undergraduate majors and minors and creating solidarity amongst the different program participants. It is the job of the Community Develop Chair to create programs and events that allow CSRE majors and minors to interact outside of the classroom space, and begin forming community within the program. The Community Development Chair is also in charge of CSRE merchandise and implementing any other solutions that help CSRE create a visible representation on campus.

Education & Leadership Development Chair: The Education and Leadership Development Chair is responsible for engaging CSRE majors and minors in race related events & programs that advance their knowledge of relevant race related issues outside of the classroom space. It is the job of the Education and Leadership Development Chair to implement CSRE hosted programs as well as, work with the larger campus community in order to sponsor and co-host any already existing workshops, teach-ins, rallies, etc. Lastly, The Education and Leadership Development chair should also find resources and create networks for our majors and minors by working with different organizations and reaching out to our network of Alums. Outreach & Collaboration Chair:

The Outreach and Collaboration Chair is responsible for connecting CSRE with the larger campus community and keeping undergraduate majors and minors informed about what the CSRE Undergraduate Council is working on. The Outreach & Collaboration chair serves as face of the CSRE Undergraduate Council and a representative for any prospective majors/minors as well as any other student organizations that we partner with. Alongside keeping all of our majors & minors up to date, the Outreach & Collaboration Chair is also responsible for recruitment events that help get students to apply for a CSRE major/minor.

Application Timeline:

Friday, April 24th: Application Released

Sunday, May 10th: Deadline to Submit Application 

May: Interviews are conducted 

June: Council Members are chosen for the next academic year 

Application: Coming soon

Meet our 2019-2020 CSRE Community Council Members