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CCSRE Chautauqua | Lauren Davenport | Politics Beyond Black and White: Biracial Identity and Attitudes in America

April 18, 2019 - 4:00pm to 5:30pm
CCSRE Conference Room, Building 360, Main Quad

This event is free and open to Stanford Faculty and Graduate Students, and Center Affiliates.

Lauren Davenport

Please join us on April 18 for our spring quarter Faculty Research Fellows Chautauqua. This event will feature 2018-2019 fellow Lauren Davenport (Political Science) speaking about their recent book Politics Beyond Black and White: Biracial Identity and Attitudes in America. The discussion will be moderated by Professor Tomás Jiménez (Sociology).

The U.S. is transforming into a multiracial society: today one-in-six new marriages are interracial and the multiple-race population is the fastest-growing youth group in the country. In Politics Beyond Black and White, Lauren Davenport examines the ascendance of multiracial identities and their implications for American society and the political landscape. Amassing unprecedented new data—including millions of survey responses and dozens of in-depth interviews—this book systematically investigates how race is constructed and how racial identities influence political behavior. Findings reveal that biracials' identities are the product of family, interpersonal interactions, environment, and, most compellingly, gender stereotypes and social class. These identities, in turn, shape attitudes across a range of political issues, from affirmative action to same-sex marriage, and multiracial identifiers are shown to be culturally and politically progressive. But the book also reveals lingering prejudices against race-mixing, and that intermarriage and identification are highly correlated with economic prosperity. Overall findings suggest that multiracialism is poised to dismantle some racial boundaries, while reinforcing others.

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The Research Institute of the Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity; Co-sponsored by the Department of Political Science
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