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CCSRE Chautauqua | Tomás Jiménez | The Other Side of Assimilation: How Immigrants Are Changing American Life

October 4, 2018 - 4:00pm to 6:00pm
CCSRE Conference Room, Building 360, Main Quad

This event is free and open to all Stanford Faculty, Graduate Students, and CCSRE Affiliates.

Tomás Jiménez

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Please join us on October 4th for our fall quarter Faculty Research Fellows Chautauqua. This event will feature 2018-2019 fellow Tomás Jiménez (Sociology) speaking about their recent book The Other Side of Assimilation: How Immigrants Are Changing American Life.

The immigration patterns of the last three decades have profoundly changed nearly every aspect of life in the United States. What do those changes mean for the most established Americans—those whose families have been in the country for multiple generations?

The Other Side of Assimilation shows that assimilation is not a one-way street. Jiménez explains how established Americans undergo their own assimilation in response to profound immigration-driven ethnic, racial, political, economic, and cultural shifts. Drawing on interviews with a race and class spectrum of established Americans in three different Silicon Valley cities, The Other Side of Assimilation illuminates how established Americans make sense of their experiences in immigrant-rich environments, in work, school, public interactions, romantic life, and leisure activities. With lucid prose, Jiménez reveals how immigration not only changes the American cityscape but also reshapes the United States by altering the outlooks and identities of its most established citizens.

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The Research Institute of the Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity; Co-sponsored by the Department of Sociology
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