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SCOPE Brown Bag Seminar Series - Community as a Campus: From Educational Problems to Possibilities in Minoritized Contexts, Presented by Jonathan Rosa

June 5, 2017 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm
CERAS 101 Learning Hall

Free and open to the Public

Jonathan Rosa

Jonathan Rosa, Assistant Professor at Stanford Graduate School of Education, will present "Community as a Campus: From Educational Problems to Possibilities in Minoritized Contexts" at SCOPE's June 5th brown bag seminar. 

This seminar points to the exciting possibilities that emerge when we shift from viewing marginalized communities as static objects of academic analysis to dynamic sites of collaborative knowledge production. Dr. Rosa will discuss a collaborative project bringing together a professor and undergraduate students in a university Latinx Studies course with a teacher and students in a predominantly Latinx high school. By approaching the marginalized community in which this school is located as a campus, the students and instructors were able to work together to present an alternative view of this stigmatized context that highlights not only the vast challenges that it faces, but also the ingenuity of its residents.

Dr. Rosa's research theorizes the co-naturalization of language and race as a way of apprehending modes of societal exclusion and inclusion across institutional domains. Specifically, he analyzes the interplay between youth socialization, raciolinguistic formations, and structural inequality in urban contexts. Dr. Rosa collaborates with local communities to track these phenomena and develop tools for understanding and eradicating the forms of disparity to which they correspond. Learn more

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Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education, Graduate School of Education, Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity, John W. Gardner Center for Youth
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