21-22 CCSRE Grad Fellows Group Photo

Graduate Fellowships

The Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity supports graduate student teaching and research through three fellowship programs, for both incoming and advanced PhD students. These fellows form a vibrant community of emerging scholars of race and ethnicity. All CCSRE graduate student fellows participate in a monthly workshop to share research, engage with faculty, and develop comparative and interdisciplinary perspectives on the study of race and ethnicity.

CCSRE Emerging Scholars

This three-year fellowship supports incoming graduate students interested in the study of race, ethnicity, and inequality. Students must be nominated by one of our affiliated faculty members.

Dissertation Fellows

This fellowship supports graduate students who are working to finish dissertations focused on race and ethnicity. Dissertation Fellows are usually in their final year of study at Stanford.

Teaching Fellows

This fellowship is awarded to advanced graduate students who seek teaching experience in CSRE and research support as part of an interdisciplinary cohort of race scholars.

Technology & Racial Equity Graduate Fellows

This fellowship fosters collaboration between engineers researching technical systems and social scientists, humanists and others researching the power and politics that shape society.

CCSRE Public Writing Fellowship

The Public Writing Fellowship at the Center for Comparative Studies in Race & Ethnicity (CCSRE) supports graduate students to write on topics that contribute to the Center's mission, which is to advance racial equity through interdisciplinary education, research and community engagement.