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Meet Our Scholars

Jackelyn Hwang

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Areas of Expertise: Gentrification and Displacement, Segregation, Urban Change, Immigration, Data Science

Hwang is an urban sociologist using new technologies to address challenging problems related to neighborhood change. She examines the relationship between how neighborhoods change and the persistence of neighborhood inequality by race and class in US cities. Her current projects focus on the causes and consequences of gentrification and developing automated methods for measuring neighborhood change using Google Street View imagery.

Changing Neighborhoods for Better or Worse (Scholars Strategy Network - No Jargon Podcast)



Tomás R. Jiménez

Professor of Sociology

Areas of Expertise: Immigration, Assimilation, Social Mobility

Jiménez is an immigration expert whose research focuses on the processes of assimilation impacting both immigrants and US-born residents. He studies public perceptions towards immigration and changing patterns of migration. He has written op-eds for the Washington Postand Los Angeles Times, has appeared on NPR's Weekend Edition, and written policy briefs for the Migration Policy Institute. He was formerly an American Sociological Association Congressional Fellow working with Congressman Mike Honda.

Trump's State of the Union attack on migrants ignores their most characteristic trait (Washington Post)

The Myth of Immigrant Non-Assimilation (Washington Post)

A Two-Way Street: How Immigration Shapes Everyday Life in Silicon Valley (Migration Policy Institute)

Ana Raquel Minian

Associate Professor of History

Areas of Expertise: Immigration, Latin America, Mexico, Immigrant Detention, History

Minian is an expert on the history of migration, its impact on communities, and the history of policies that created it. She is a contributor to the New York Times and Washington Post. She is currently writing a history of immigrant detention in the United States.

America Didn't Always Lock Up Immigrants (New York Times)

A First-Hand Look at the Horrors of Immigration Detention (Washington Post)

We already have a big, beautiful wall (Washington Post)

La imparable cultura de la migración en México: "hacerse hombre pasa por cruzar la frontera" (Univision)

Steven O. Roberts

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Areas of Expertise: Developmental Psychology, Social Bias, Children

Roberts is an expert in the psychology of social bias. His research integrates developmental, social, and cognitive perspectives to examine how children and adults perceive themselves, others, and groups of people, as well as how those perceptions are developed.





Jonathan Rosa

Associate Professor of Education, and Lingustics and Anthropology (by courtesy)

Areas of Expertise: Urban Education, Language, Urban Youth,  Latinidad

Rosa is an expert in language and race in schools. His research theorizes the ways that language and race function as forms of governance. Specifically, he analyzes the interplay between youth socialization, raciolinguistic formations, and structural inequity in urban contexts. He collaborates with local communities to track these phenomena and develop tools for understanding and eradicating the forms of disparity to which they correspond. He has been a commentator on MSNBC, CNN, NPR and Univision.

Evaluating the Notion of a "War on Whites" (MSNBC)

Why Labeling Antonio Banderas A 'Person Of Color' Triggers Such A Backlash (NPR)



Forrest Stuart

Associate Professor of Sociology

Areas of Expertise: Crime and Policing, Poverty, Digital Media

Stuart is an urban ethnographer investigating the causes, contours, and consequences of urban poverty. He has conducted a number of original research projects, community organizing efforts, and intervention programs enlisting community members as valuable co-producers of knowledge.  He has written long form articles on his research for Mother JonesWiredChicago Magazine, and other popular press outlets.

How Zero-Tolerance Policing Pits Poor Against Poor (Mother Jones)

Dispatches from the Rap Wars (Chicago Magazine)