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Mobilizing Research Insights

The Racial Equity Action Lab (REAL) bridges the gap between research and practice.  Our goal is to  mobilize research insights by taking them beyond academic audiences to leaders in policy, media, philanthropy, and advovacy, as well as the public at large.


  • Trains faculty to navigate policy, media, and non-profit groups
  • Communicates scholarship on race and ethnicity to policymakers and public audiences
  • Establishes advisory relationships between scholars and leaders in policy, media, philanthropy, advocacy, nonprofits and civic organizations so they can use scholarship in decision making
  • Develops new faculty research agendas and partnerships with the explicit goal of producing scholarship that can influence policy and practices related to racial equity.
  • Fosters relationships with colleagues beyond higher education in an effort to further work on racial justice

Meet Our Scholars

Recent Events

January 29, 2019 | Racial Equity Public Scholars Workshop

In partnership with Scholars Strategy Network, CCSRE hosted an all-day training for faculty and researchers to give scholars the tools for increasing the impact of their research on racial equity through a hands-on introduction to effective principles of policy and media engagement. Scholars will leave the workshop with tools to become powerful players in policy and build relationships with policymakers, civic leaders, and journalists.

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January 29, 2019 | Racial Equity through Research, Media, and Policy: a panel discussion on collaborations accelerating social change

Marking the launch of CCSRE's Racial Equity Action Lab, the panelists discussed how scholars can work effectively with journalists, advocates, and non-profits to advance racial equity.  The panel featured:

Allyson Hobbs (Associate Professor of History | Stanford; Contributor | New Yorker, NYT)

Dara Lind (Senior Correspondent | Vox Media)

Felicity Rose (Director of Research and Policy for Criminal Justice Reform,

Anne Price (President, Insight Center for Community Economic Development)

Avi Green (Executive Director, Scholars Strategy Network)

Tomás Jiménez - Moderator (Associate Professor of Sociology | Stanford; Contributor | Washington Post, LA Times)

Co-sponsored by: McCoy Family Center for Ethics in Society, Program in African & African American Studies, Center on Poverty and Inequality, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences (CASBS)

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