Lyric McHenry (CSRE ’16)

Lyric McHenry

Dear CSRE Community,

With heavy hearts, we inform you of the passing of one of our alums, Lyric McHenry (CSRE ’16). Lyric cared deeply about the ways in which race and identity inform  our lives. Her final paper for her degree examined Fanon’s theories of visibility in the work of Black British filmmaker Steve McQueen. Her work sought to open up the film and television industries, making them more accessible not only to communities of color, but also to all those excluded from representation and/or those who lacked access to the means of production. Lyric exuded joy: her smile was a key aspect of her luminous presence. Lyric embodied an inclusive openness to people and ways of being in the world. Those of us who knew her will remember her sense of humor,  her intellectual curiosity as well as the care she bestowed for others.