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New provost targets academic diversity

Academic Diversity
Jan 18 2017

Persis Drell, the first female dean of engineering at Stanford, is set to become provost on Feb. 1. At the School of Engineering, Drell made increasing diversity in academia one of her priorities, and she hopes to do the same in her role as provost.

As of September 2015, Stanford’s faculty is 73 percent white and 73 percent male, mirroring general trends across the United States. 

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, in 2013, 58 percent of full-time professors in the United States were white men, 26 percent were white women, about 11 percent were men of color and about 4 percent were women of color. 

The demographics are slightly more diverse for associate and assistant professors, instructors and lecturers. Overall, 43 percent of faculty were white men, 35 percent were white women, 12 percent were men of color and 10 percent were women of color.

Acknowledging that the department faculty hires new professors, Drell emphasized the importance of faculty diversity at Stanford.

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