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Jun 7 2018 | Posted In: In the News
How do you build a lucha (struggle) out of vulnerability? How do we create the basis for collective vision and being? By Jameelah I. Morris These are no easy questions to answer. Yet they remain some of the most urgent guiding questions for activist work and scholarship imagining and working...
Jun 4 2018 | Posted In: In the News
We need to be judicious in how we use algorithms in our legal system; they carry the power to reinforce disparities as well as reduce them. By Nicholas Camp
May 29 2018 | Posted In: In the News
On Jonathan Rosa's Looking Like a Language, Sounding Like a Race by Zion Mengesha
May 15 2018 | Posted In: In the News
Chicana/o-Latina/o Studies department holds forum to discuss renaming   May 10, 2018   By Nohemi Davila (for the The Stanford Daily)   As the Chicana/o-Latina/o Studies department considers renaming itself Chicanx/Latinx Studies, the department hosted an open forum with the Center for Comparative...
Feb 23 2018 | Posted In: In the News
by Elisa Kim Is it ethical to execute inmates with intellectual disabilities? If their IQ is low enough, no. At least this was what the Supreme Court ruled in 2002. Atkins v. Virginia set a new precedent, making it illegal for a defendant to be sentenced to death if he or she has an IQ below 70....