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Jan 18 2017 | Stanford Daily
Persis Drell, the first female dean of engineering at Stanford, is set to become provost on Feb. 1. At the School of Engineering, Drell made increasing diversity in academia one of her priorities, and she hopes to do the same in her role as provost. As of September 2015, Stanford’s faculty is 73...
Jan 17 2017 | Stanford News | Posted In: In the News
In 2009, a year after Barack Obama was elected president, Ramón Saldívar, professor of English and of comparative literature at Stanford, read something that caught his eye. In an op-ed in the New York Times, Colson Whitehead, an African American novelist, proclaimed that the United States had...
Dec 27 2016 | Stanford News | Posted In: In the News
Anthropologist Samy Alim argues that the relationship between race, language and racism plays such a key role in reflecting and defining the way human societies are structured that it deserves study as a separate field, which he calls raciolinguistics.
Oct 13 2016 | Posted In: In the News
Shelley Correll, Ina Coleman, and Jen Lawless discuss gender's role in the 2016 Presidential Election.
Sep 9 2016 | Stanford News | Posted In: In the News
Hispanics are the largest ethnic minority group in the United States, and their concerns will have a major impact on the 2016 election.