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Beatrice Martini

Beatrice Martini
2020 Digital Civil Society Lab Practitioner Fellow
Project Title:
Civil Society Advocacy for a Public Interest Internet Infrastructure

Project Overview:

This project seeks to identify pathways for civil society to advocate for a public interest Internet infrastructure. It strives to do so by identifying research and advocacy opportunities developed through a growing network of civil society actors, scholars, and technologists continuously cooperating to explore and prototype practices for strengthening civil society’s impact.


Beatrice is a technology capacity builder and researcher. She is the Education Coordinator for the Access Now Digital Security Helpline , a 24/7 real-time resource for civil society groups, activists, journalists and human rights defenders. Previously, Beatrice led the Human Rights Technology program at the nonprofit Aspiration, driving collaborative initiatives with information security practitioners, community organizers, lawyers, and researchers supporting human rights efforts globally. Before that, she worked at the Open Knowledge Foundation and on several projects leveraging open source technology in support of justice and rights endeavors. She is also a research fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School , where she explores the implications of Internet infrastructure design on human rights, and serves in a formal advisory role with the Center for the Cultivation of Technology and OpenArchive.

You can follow her on Twitter @beatricemartini.