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Bridget FB Algee-Hewitt

Bridget FB Algee-Hewitt, PhD

Bridget FB Algee-Hewitt

Senior Research Scientist
PhD Biological Anthropology, University of Tennessee – Knoxville
MA Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology, Bryn Mawr College
BA Classics and Art History, Mount Allison University


Bridget F.B. Algee-Hewitt is a biological anthropologist who studies skeletal and genetic trait variation in modern humans. Her research combines data analytic and hands-on laboratory approaches to the estimation of the personal identity parameters – like sex, ancestry, stature, and age – that are essential components of the biological profile used in forensic identification of unknown human remains and for the paleodemographic reconstruction of past population histories in bioarchaeology. Concerns for social justice, human rights, and issues of group disparities underlie much of her work. As a practicing forensic anthropologist and geneticist, she provides forensic casework consultation to the medico-legal community.


Read the latest media coverage of her research, see some of her publications, and visit her Stanford profile.  Dr. Algee-Hewitt is an Advisory Board Member for the Certificate in Critical Consciousness and Anti-Oppressive Praxis (CCC&AOP) in the Stanford School of Medicine.

Dr. Algee-Hewitt  is the Book Review Editor for the American Journal of Physical Anthropology. For more information on submitting or requesting a book review, visit her Editor website