Sandra de la Loza
2021 CCSRE Mellon Arts Fellow

Sandra de la Loza is a Los Angeles artist whose research-based practice investigates underlying power dynamics embedded in social space while exposing the gaps, absences and the in-between spaces within dominant historical narratives through performative, social and aesthetic strategies that result in multi-media installations, video, photography, social engagement and public interventions. Her recent work investigates the underlayers of our present landscape as a means to decolonize, heal ancestral trauma and create circles that enable other social and environmental relations to happen.  Upcoming and recent exhibits include Undoing Time: Art andHistories of Incarceration at ASU Art Museum (Phoenix, 2021), Imagining De-Gentrified Futures at ApexArt (NY, 2020) To Oblivion: The Speculators Eden at Los Angeles Contemporary (LACE) in Hollywood (2019)  and Talking to Action: Art, Activism, Pedagogy of the Americas at the Pratt Manhattan Gallery(2019). Her work has been exhibited in major museums, alternative art spaces and community centers within the United States, Latin America and Europe. She has received awards from the Fellows of Contemporary Art, Art Matters, the City of Los Angeles, the Center for Community Innovation, the California Community Foundation, and the Los Angeles County Arts Commission.

Image: Unsettling the Settled: Archival Glimpses of Abolitionist Futures (in progress, 2021)