Community-Engagement Summer Fellowship

Presence 5 for Racial Justice: Preparing for Anti-Racist Communication in Pediatrics

Author Full Name
Angela Casarez


Cati Brown-Johnson

Baraka Floyd

Donna Zulman


Racial inequities in medicine impact the health and lives of Black children and their families; research is needed to identify how clinicians can promote health equity and foster meaningful connection with Black pediatric patients and caregivers. Our goal is to promote racial justice for Black pediatric patients and families by adapting the Presence 5 for Racial Justice framework to pediatric needs. The objectives of this summer study were to identify preparatory communication practices that pediatric clinicians can use to address racism, build trusting relationships, and empower Black patients and caregivers in clinical care. Using a targeted literature review, P5RJ framework’s Prepare domain was refined. The following gaps were targeted: 1) Pediatric-specific examples of anti-Black interpersonal racism 2) Racial Socialization, 3) Earned Medical Mistrust, and 4) Frameworks for Reflection: Positionality, Reflexivity, and Intersectionality. Synthesizing P5RJ’s previous work with the conducted targeted literature review, resulted in two subdomains: 1) Addressing interpersonal Anti-Black racism and 2) Preparing accessible materials and resources. Studies like this are needed to strengthen feasibility, sustainability, and potential for long-term effectiveness of Anti-Racist curricula that support clinicians in delivery of equitable care for Black pediatric patients that also empowers caregivers and families.

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