Race & the Humanities Research Labs

Race and the Humanities Labs are grounded in the humanities and humanistic modes of inquiry and develop innovative and effective ways for the humanities to contribute to a more racial just society.


Aftermaths of Enslavement: curating legacies

Everyday Language Arts Project

Imagining Justice: Race, Justice, and Repair

Presence for Racial Justice Action Lab: Translating research into practice to promote health equity and racial justice in health care

Racial Justice in the Nuclear Age: Community-based Knowledge Infrastructures for Environmentally Just Futures

The (Re)Makery Studio: A Youth Participatory Approach to (Re)Present Exclusionary School Discipline

The Walkout! Lab for Youth Justice

Meet the People

Associate Professor of Education
Jisha  Menon
Associate Professor, Postcolonial Theory and Performance Studies | Fisher Family Director, Stanford Global Studies
Grant  Parker
Associate Professor of Classics
Krish Seetah
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
David Sklansky
Stanley Morrison Professor of Law; Faculty Co-Director, Stanford Criminal Justice Center
Linda R. Meier and Joan F. Lane Provostial Professor | Professor of Medicine
Donna Zulman
Assistant Professor of Medicine