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Faculty Research Networks Application Information

Prof. Hazel Markus (Psychology) and Prof. Ana Minian (History)

Program Overview

Faculty Research Networks at the Research Institute of Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity are faculty-initiated and faculty-driven interdisciplinary research communities that bring together Stanford faculty and visiting scholars to develop individual and collaborative research on race and ethnicity. Each network will focus on a different theme that intersects with race and ethnicity (e.g., health, environment, criminal justice, housing). Ideally, each network will include 10-12 participants and a graduate student coordinator, who will meet monthly to share a meal and workshop their research on the theme.

Faculty and graduate student coordinators will have significant autonomy in determining the most appropriate structure of their meetings, but we envision that for each meeting, a presenter or collaborators will be selected to pre-circulate a work-in-progress. A respondent will provide extended feedback on the work, offering suggestions and posing questions. The presenter will respond to the feedback, and the respondent will then facilitate discussion. Each network will also be allotted funding to bring in outside speakers to present their work to the group. We intend there to also be space for more informal conversation, which is essential for developing an intellectual community and cultivating informal mentorship relationships.

Total funding award will be $9,000 for the academic year (September -€“ June) 2017-2018, out of which a $2400 stipend will be earmarked for a graduate student coordinator.


The Faculty Research Networks have three primary aims:

  1. Promote interdisciplinary collaborative research projects and innovations in teaching;
  2. Develop a stronger sense of community among faculty scholars of race and ethnicity;
  3. Foster a supportive environment, recognition, and mentorship for new and junior faculty in developing innovative research agendas.

Coordination and Logistical Support

The Faculty Research Network program will be overseen by the Faculty Director of the Research Institute of Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity and the Associate Director of CCSRE, with guidance from the Director of CCSRE and logistical support provided by CCSRE Staff. Each network will be run by a faculty leader and a graduate student coordinator. The faculty and graduate student coordinators will schedule research presentations, pre-circulate materials, facilitate meetings, secure space, and coordinate food. Note: The graduate student coordinator must be able to commit for Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters.

The Faculty Research Networks are funded in part by the Stanford Diveristy and Inclusion Fund.

Proposal Submission

Please click here for the application.


If you have any questions regarding how to fill out the application, please email or call CCSRE Associate Director, Daniel Murray:, 650-736-6790.