The Research Institute of Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity

Since 1996 the Research Institute at CSRE has fostered academic inquiry into issues of race and ethnicity across disciplinary boundaries, from the humanities to the social sciences, and from business to law.  The Institute sponsors fellowship programs, research networks, a faculty seminar series and other events and conferences that are open to the Stanford community; many are also open to the public. The Institute also fosters the intellectual and career development of Stanford graduate students through its fellowship programs and brings leading U.S. and international scholars whose research centers on issues of race and ethnicity to Stanford.

The Research Institute is administered by Faculty Director, Professor Prudence Carter (School of Education).

Professor Jayashri Srikantian, Stanford School of LawThe Research Institute strives to create an integrated community of scholars with a diversity of perspectives to foster a stable, inclusive, democratic society that successfully incorporates diverse people, institutions, cultures, and practices. The interdisciplinary group of graduate students and faculty affiliated with the Research Institute studies social issues across time, compares different ethnic and racial groups, and examines issues of race and ethnicity from U.S. and global perspectives.

The Research Institute seeks to expand the intellectual boundaries of traditional academic disciplines by approaching the study of race, ethnicity and culture through new questions and research methods. By sponsoring regular seminars for students and faculty, providing financial support for fellows, and holding events open to scholars at Stanford and other institutions, the Research Institute seeks to encourage a deeper understanding of how race and ethnicity intersect with multiple social science and humanities fields of study, as well as our everyday lives.