What does it mean to do honors in CCSRE?

The honors program in CSRE gives graduating students the opportunity to pursue sustained independent research on race and ethnicity with the support of a faculty advising team, an interdisciplinary cohort of peers, and CCSRE staff. Honors students synthesize the skills and insights they have cultivated over the course of their Stanford career to design and produce unique and impactful projects.

Honors applications are open to students who have a grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.5 in the major and 3.3 overall. Students in any major or program may apply to complete an honors project in CCSRE; students who are not CCSRE majors are required to complete certain coursework in addition to their major requirements (see below).

Students wishing to enter the honors program in Fall 2023 must submit their applications here by Monday, May 8, 2023. Applicants must submit a transcript and a project proposal. Applicants’ proposed faculty advisor must confirm their willingness to supervise the project by the end of spring quarter 2024. Note that the faculty advisor for the honors thesis must be an Academic Council faculty member and affiliated with CCSRE, whether or not the student is majoring in CSRE or its affiliate programs.

CSRE honors students must enroll in CSRE 201X in the fall, 201Y in the winter, and 201Z in the spring. These courses, which meet in person on a weekly basis, provide invaluable peer and faculty support to honors students as their projects unfold. Note that CSRE 201Y and CSRE 201Z do not count toward the 60 units required for the CSRE major but do count toward the 180 units required by the bachelor's degree. A thesis must receive a grade of B+ or above for its author to receive honors in CSRE.

The honors colloquium, held towards the end of Spring Quarter, affords students an opportunity to present their research to the Stanford community. 

Click here for the application: CCSRE HONORS APPLICATION.

Find more information on Honors requirements, consult the Honors Tab in the CSRE Bulletin. 

Interdisciplinary Honors for Non-CSRE Majors

The Interdisciplinary Honors Program in Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity is intended to complement core curricular requirements in any major. Students who participate in the interdisciplinary honors program receive their degree from their program of study with departmental honors in CSRE. Prior to graduating, Interdisciplinary Honors students must complete CSRE 196C, “Introduction to CSRE,” and at least one additional CSRE Comparative Core course. All other requirements of the Honors program (listed above) apply.

IDA Creative Honors

The IDA Senior Honors Thesis provides qualified students with the opportunity to pursue original research that combines creative and research-based methods. In addition to the general honors requirements listed above, students who wish to participate in the IDA/CCSRE program must have taken at least 25 units of IDA-approved courses prior to their senior year. 

The creative honors thesis consists of two components: the creative work itself and a written rationale (also known as the Critical Statement of Artistic Intent). The creative work is as rigorous and time-intensive an endeavor as a traditional written thesis project. IDA/CCSRE theses have included bodies of visual art, scripts for TV pilots, soundscape experiences, novels, and music albums. IDA students meet regularly with a creative cohort in addition to completing 201X, Y, and Z with CSRE honors writers.

Find more information on the IDA Website and on the Guidelines Page.

Bing Honors College

Students who intend to write a senior honors thesis have the opportunity to participate in Bing Honors College in the weeks preceding Fall Quarter of their senior year. BHC is a fully funded experience; room and board are provided at no expense to honors writers. BHC provides students an extended period of focus in which they work closely with a faculty member to design and launch their thesis projects.

If you intend to write a thesis in CSRE and are interested in taking advantage of a fully funded opportunity to devote two weeks to your project, please apply to BHC on the Bing Honors College website.