CCSRE Emerging Fellows Nomination Information

The fellowship awards tuition at the 8- to 10-unit level and provides an annual stipend of approximately $52,900 each year for three years. The stipend covers all four quarters of each fellowship year.

Prospective Emerging Scholars Fellows must be nominated by CCSRE-affiliated faculty during the PhD admission season. Note that the nomination form must be completed by the admitting department's graduate administrator, not by the nominating faculty member.

Wednesday, March 1, 2023


Nominees must be:

  • Newly admitted Stanford doctoral students scheduled to matriculate in Autumn 2023
  • Committed to pursuing research focused on race and ethnicity
  • Nominated by a CCSRE-affiliated faculty member
  • In residence at Stanford for the duration of the Emerging Scholars fellowship (3 years)

Fellowship finalists selected by CCSRE will be evaluated by the Graduate Fellowships Faculty Advisory Committee (GFFAC), a University-wide faculty committee that reviews all VPGE-administered Stanford fellowships. GFFAC will announce their decisions in mid-March. Successful candidates will be extended the CCSRE-EF shortly thereafter in collaboration with VPGE and the admitting department.

Nomination Process:

To nominate a student, please review the instructions below:

CCSRE Emerging Fellows Nomination Instructions

Note that 2023 nominations for the Emerging Scholars Fellowship must be submitted by the department's graduate administrator, not by faculty, although nominations require a letter of support from a CCSRE Faculty Affiliate.

Required nomination materials:

  • Nomination statement from a CCSRE-affiliated faculty member. The nomination statement should describe:
    • the student's qualifications and their fit for the admitting department
    • the faculty members with whom the student is likely to work
    • the student's interests and plans for conducting research related to race and ethnicity
    • how the student will benefit from participating in CCSRE's program.
  • A copy of the nominee’s graduate application to Stanford, including transcript(s), references, and cover sheets. This information will be furnished automatically by Slate, the platform used to support the nominations process.

Fellowship eligibility and responsibilities:

  • Fellows may hold no other employment, assistantship, or fellowship (unless specifically intended for travel or research expense) concurrently. Exceptions to this restriction must be approved by CCSRE.
  • Fellows must enroll in the CSRE Graduate Fellows Seminar on Thursdays from noon-1:30 for the duration of the three Academic Years covered by the fellowship.
  • Fellows must attend the Center’s Faculty Seminar Series and quarterly Faculty Fellows Chautauquas.
  • Fellows must be in residence at Stanford for the duration of the fellowship; they are expected to attend events and the biweekly seminar in person.
  • Fellows mentor 2-4 undergraduate majors each year and will meet with them at least once per quarter.
  • Fellows will submit a report detailing their academic progress at the end of each academic year for the duration of the fellowship.

Nomination Deadline: Wednesday, March 1, 2023


Annie Atura Bushnell, Associate Director of Academic Programs
atura [at]