CRC Conferences

Stanford Conference: Race and the Speculative (2023)

As we witness ongoing racial violence, attacks on race and ethnic studies programs, and an intensification of racialized political discourse, re-imagining how best to organize our communities, our institutions, and our societies is an urgent pursuit. Our conference theme of Race and the Speculative acknowledges our role as critics and artists who provide guiding insights toward telling new stories and histories even as we imagine alternative futures. 

Chicago Conference: Reimagining the University: Race and Freedom

We welcome student, staff, or faculty activists, or even persons from surrounding communities who work with your university in a reimagined way. They can speak to a success story of race and freedoms in their reimagined university, or challenges. Please consider someone who can speak to what freedoms are most censored/restricted/obstructed or even emboldened in ways that are also racialized.  For this panel we include thinking about race and freedoms in terms of what is considered knowledge, who is authorized as a knower and how our research, scholarship, and various types of information we produce/teach/use is deeply entangled in reinforcing various racialized freedoms (that of course intersect with other forms of oppression by class, caste, citizenship, gender, sexuality, educational status/title, etc.) Panelist will be asked to share their own local experiences and insights and will respond to several overarching prompts. They will also be invited to participate in afternoon workshops.