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Research Institute of Comparative Studies in Race & Ethnicity

Faculty Director's Welcome

Headshot photo of Alfredo J. Artiles, Director of Research

I extend a warm welcome to faculty, post-doctoral fellows, students, practitioners, and staff to the Research Institute at CCSRE. 

Building on the tradition of excellence and innovation that CCSRE has advanced for over a quarter of a century, we have assembled a stimulating and timely program of events and initiatives for the 2023-2024 academic year. I trust you will join our community and pursue opportunities to contribute to the institute's agenda. The Research Institute is a core pillar in CCSRE's structure and the driver of knowledge production. The Institute's vitality resides in a community of Stanford-affiliated scholars actively engaged in the production of cutting-edge interdisciplinary knowledge on race and ethnicity. The expertise of our community spans the social sciences, humanities, professional fields, and increasingly, life and health sciences, law, and STEM fields. 

The Institute's portfolio includes research projects funded by external and internal funding sources. They include the Technology and Racial Equity Initiative and Faculty Research Networks, and Faculty-Led projects covering urgent topics such as: 

  • humanizing the criminal justice system,
  • developing a fitness app that leverages culturally-specific narratives and artwork to encourage positive behavior change and healthier living for middle-aged and elderly Latinx Individuals, 
  • advancing ethnic studies in California, 
  • promoting and honoring Latinx art beyond museum walls, and
  • empowering movements for racial and environmental justice in the Bay Area.

The Research Institute also funds faculty research fellowships to support knowledge production on race and ethnicity and features faculty's scholarly work through Chautauqua (book salons) and the Faculty Seminar Series. Topics covered in recent events include the fight for Black history in schools, Native American language reclamation, immigration and the American dream over two centuries. The professional development of graduate students is a central activity in the institute. We participate in the Centering Race in the Arts & Humanities Consortium in partnership with Yale University, Brown University, and the University of Chicago. 

Finally, the Research Institute provides fellowships for graduate students such as dissertation fellowships, technology and racial equity graduate fellowships, emerging scholar fellowships (for incoming students), and teaching fellowships. A recent addition to the Institute's portfolio is the Research Grants Program that supports doctoral students' scholarly activities (e.g., research fieldwork, conference presentations). 

I look forward to welcoming you to our thriving community. I trust you will participate in our programs, use our resources, and engage in our activities to advance your education and scholarship. 

Alfredo J. Artiles

CCSRE Director of Research  
Lee L. Jacks Professor of Education, Graduate School of Education  

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Paula Moya, Ramón Saldívar, Bridget Algee-Hewitt, and Amy Potemski represented CCSRE at the Historical Studies of Texas Symposium, a multi-day convening of the Centering Race in the Arts and Humanities Consortium (CRC) in Austin Texas.

Research Institute Special Initiatives

Technology and Racial Equity Initiative