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Past Dissertation Fellows


Rebecca Gleit, Department of Sociology
"De Factor School Discipline and the Maintenance of Inequality

Rachel Lienesch, Department of Political Science
"Racial Politics of the White Left"

Suhaila Meera, Theater and Performance Studies
"Playing Children: Statelessness and the Performance of Childhood"


Sanna Ali, Department of Communication
"Cultural and Technological Infrastructures of Labor: Economic Segregation of Work in a Post-COVID-19 World"

Beka Guluma, Department of Sociology
"Ethnic Identity and Homeland Politics in the Oromo Diaspora"

Rishika Mehrishi, Theatre and Performance Studies
"Performing Entanglement: More-than-Human Repertoires in South Asia"

Jasmine Reid, Department of Anthropology
"In the Wake of Forced Removal: Heritage Activism and Land Rights in Post-Apartheid Johannesburg"

Kiara Sanchez, Department of Psychology
"A Threatening Opportunity: Conversations about Race between Black and White Friends"


Jihye Lee, Department of Communication
"Information inequality: How the poor navigate digital spaces"

Melanie León, Modern Thought and Literature
"Mexico's Asylum Regime: The Weaponization of Refuge"

Grace Zhou, Department of Anthropology
"Parasitic Intimacies: Life, Love, and Labor in Post-Socialist Central Asia"


Calvin Cheung-Miaw, Modern Thought and Literature
"Asians and the Color Line: A History of Asian American Studies, 1969-2000"

Indie A. Choudhury, Department of Art & Art History
"The Solace of Color: Postwar Transatlantic Abstraction & the Problem of Pain"

David Shuang Song, Graduate School of Education
"Multiracial Mandarin: Equity, Racial Formation, and Heritage Language"


Calvin Cheung-Miaw, Modern Thought and Literature
"Asians and the Color Line: A History of Asian American Studies, 1969-2000"

Indie A. Choudhury, Department of Art & Art History
"The Solace of Color: Postwar Transatlantic Abstraction & the Problem of Pain"

David Shuang Song, Graduate School of Education
"Multiracial Mandarin: Equity, Racial Formation, and Heritage Language"


Jasmine D. Hill, Department of Sociology
"Just Gotta Make It: Black Social Mobility Paths Beyond the Bachelor's Degree"

Vivek V. Narayan, Theatre and Performance Studies
"Stolen Fire: Caste Scripts and Repurposed Universals in South India, 1893-2018"

Chris Suh, Department of History
"Pacific Crossings: American Encounters with Asians in the Progressive Era of Empire and Exclusion"


Nick Camp, Department of Psychology
"Black and White Meets Blue: Race and the Social Psychology of Police Encounters"

Anthony Emmanuel Medina, Department of Anthropology
"Hay Que Tener Gandinga: Masculinity, Race, and Street Life Under a New Cuban Socialism"

Itay Ravid, Stanford Law School
"Judging by the Cover: Media Effects on Racial Disparities in Criminal Sentencing"


Isla Flores-Bayer, Department of Linguistics
"Sociolinguistic Variation in Practice: An Ethnographic Study of the Social Significance and Strategic Use of Chicano Language in 'El Barrio'"

Amanda Frye Leinhos, Graduate School of Education
"“Diversity as a Resource” in an Elite Public School: A 21st Century Paradox"

Sora Jun, Graduate School of Business
"Understanding Complex Hierarchy Dynamics: Dominant Group Members’ Responses to Inter-Subordinate Group Relations"

Cristina L. Lash, Graduate School of Education
"Making Americans: Schooling, Diversity, and Assimilation in the 21st Century"


Zoe Cullen, Department of Economics
"Essays in Labor and Platform Economics"

Renee Lizcano, Graduate School of Education
"The Academic Resilience of Latinas in STEM Fields"

Yanshuo Zhang, Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures
"The Vanishing Native Soil: Migration, Eco-crisis, and the Search for Home and Roots in Contemporary China"


Alyssa Fu, Department of Psychology

Long Le-Khac, Department of English

Lindsay M. Montgomery, Department of Anthropology
“Indios Barberos: Nomadic Archaeologies of Spanish New Mexico”


Roey Gafter, Department of Linguistics

Margaret Irving, School of Education

Destin Jenkins, Department of History


Maneka Deanna Brooks, School of Education

Louise Chim, Department of Psychology

Kelly Kelleher Richter, Department of History
"Uneasy Border State: the Politics and Public Policy of Latino Illegal Immigration in Metropolitan California, 1971-1996"


Steffi Dippold, Department of English
"Plain as in Primitive: The Figure of the Native in Early American Literature"

Cynthia Levine, Department of Psychology
“Who can improve? How a target’s race dictates perceptions of potential for growth”

Elda María Román, Department of English


Jennifer Harford Vargas, Department of English
“Dictating Form: Authoritarian Power in the Latina/o American Novel”

Laura López-Sanders, Department of Sociology
“Is Brown the New Black?: Latino Immigrant Incorporation in the Contemporary South”

Rania Kassab Sweis, Department of Anthropology
"Coming of Age in a Global Egypt: the Cultural Politics of Transnational Humanitarianism, Childhood and Youth"


Lori Flores, Department of History
“Other Californias: Tracing Mexican American Lives, Civil Rights Activism, and the Coming of the Chicano Movement to the Salinas Valley, 1945-1970”

Ramah McKay, Department of Anthropology
“Affective Interventions: Making Medical Welfare in Mozambique”

Emily Ryo, Department of Sociology
“Becoming Illegal”


Jocelyn Lim Chua, Department of Anthropology
"The Politics of Death: Suicide at the Margins of Sovereignty in Kerala, South India"

Jolene Hubbs, Department of English
"Revolting Whiteness: Race, Class, and the American Grotesque"

Valerie Jones, Department of Psychology
"The Gender Tax: The Effects of Underrepresentation on Effort and Preparation"


Mireille Le Breton, Department of French and Italian
"North African Youth, Contest Identities and Cultures in Contemporary France"

J. Roselyn Lee, Department of Communication
"Revealing and Challenging Social Identity Threat in Computer-Mediated Communication Environments"

David Nussbaum, Department of Psychology
"Defensiveness in the Classroom"

Michelle Young-Mee Rhee, Department of English
"Slant in Asian American Poetry and Fiction"

Frank L. Samson, Doctoral Candidate in Sociology
"A Question of Fairness?: White Commitment to Principles amidst Asian Success"

Amy Cynthia Tang, Department of English
"Postmodern Repetitions: Race and the Politics of Form in Contemporary U.S. Literature"


Lalaie Ameeriar, Department of Anthropology
"Making Globalization Work: Pakistani Muslim Women and Migration"

Mary Murphy, Department of Psychology
"The Importance of Context: Conceptualizing a Theory of Social Identity Threat in the Classroom"

Flavio Paniagua, Program in Modern Thought and Literature
"Mojados Malcriados: Unsettling Vernacular Representations and Migrant Routes"

Justine Tinkler, Department of Sociology
"A Social Psychological Analysis of Resistance to Equal Opportunity Law: The Case of Sexual Harassment Policy and Affirmative Action"


Isabel Awad, Department of Communication
"Latinos’ Civic Engagement and the Press: A Reader’s Approach to Latino-Targeted Newspapers"

Vida Mia García, Program in Modern Thought and Literature
"The (Other) Tourist and the River City: Heritage Tourism, Narratives of Citizenship, and Chicana/o Cultural (Re)production in San Antonio, Texas"

Irena Stepanikova, Department of Sociology
"Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Medical Care: The Role of Physician Bias and Organizational Factors"


Magdalena L. Barrera, Program in Modern Thought and Literature
"Domestic Drama: Visions of Mexican Families and American Identity, 1910-1941"

Ebru Erdem, Department of Political Science
"Political Salience of Ethnic Identities: A Comparative Study of Tajiks in Uzbekistan and Kurds in Turkey"

Shelley Lee, Department of History
"Cosmopolitan Identities: Japanese Americans in Seattle and the Pacific Rim, 1900-1953"

Rachel C. St. John, Department of History
"Line in the Sand: The Desert Border between the United States and Mexico, 1848-1934"


Andrea Kortenhoven, Department of Linguistics
“Word of their testimony: Black women’s church testimonies and narratives of faith”

Christopher D. Scott, Department of Asian Languages
“Spies, Rapists, Ghosts, and Gangsters: The Demanization of Resident Korean Men in Postwar Japanese Culture”

Robert Terrell Smith, Department of Religious Studies
“Jews and Space: Abraham Isaac Kook, Mordecai Kaplan and the Anthropological Project of Jewish Nationalism”

Kyla Wazana Tompkins, Program in Modern Thought and Literature
"Kitchen Culture: Food, Literature and the Body Politic"


Maya Beasley, Department of Sociology

Raúl Coronado Jr., Program in Modern Thought and Literature
"Competing American Liberalisms: nineteenth-Century Mexican American Literature and the Dialectics of Mexican and Anglo American Liberalisms"

Valerie J. Purdie, Department of Psychology
“Social Identity Threat: Towards a New Conceptual Framework"

M. Cherise Smith, Department of Art and Art History


Mishuana R. Goeman, Program in Modern Thought and Literature
"Unconquered Nations, Unconquered Women: American Indian Women Writers (Re)Conceptualizing Race, Gender, and Nation"

Venus Opal Reese, Department of Drama
"Initiating Acts: The Role of Ruptures in the Formation of American Cultural Identities"

Helle L. Rytkønen, Program in Modern Thought and Literature
"Europe and its ‘Almost-European’ Other: A Textual Analysis of Legal and Cultural Practices of Othering in Contemporary Europe"

Miriam Ticktin, Department of Anthropology
"Citizenship and Illegality: The Role of Human Rights and Compassion in the Fight for Equality in France"


Mark Brilliant, Department of History
"Beyond Black and White: The Struggle for Civil Rights on America’s ‘Racial Frontier,’ 1945-1975"

Stephanie A. Fryberg, Department of Psychology
"Representations of American Indians in the media: Do they influence how American Indian students negotiate their identities in mainstream contexts?"

Sara Johnson-La O, Department of Comparative Literature
"Migrant Recitals: Pan-Caribbean Interchanges in the Aftermath of the Haitian Revolution"

Gina Marie Pitti, Department of History
"To Hear About God in Spanish: Gender, Church, & Community in Bay Area Mexican American Colonias, 1942-1970"


John H. Davis, Jr., Department of Anthropology
"‘Racial Flexibility’ and the Politics of Human Rights in Japanese Society"

Heejung Kim, Department of Psychology
"We Talk, Therefore We Think? A Cultural Analysis on the Effect of Talking on Thinking"

Martín Valadez, Department of History
"Constructing a Modern Nation: Native and Foreign Railway Workers in Porfirian Mexico"