Self-Designed Coursework

CCSRE undergraduate students have the opportunity to design their own coursework through student-initiated courses, directed readings, and directed research projects. All of these opportunities require working closely with faculty advisors and require significant buy-in from CCSRE faculty and academic staff. Check out the linked resources below to learn more about each of these opportunities and the proposal process. 

Note that students must apply with self-designed coursework proposals before Week 8 of the quarter preceding their desired course. Questions about Self-Designed Coursework should be directed to the CCSRE Academic Programs team.

Student-Initiated Courses

Student-initiated courses (SIC) allow students to design and participate in courses that are conceptualized, designed, and/or led by fellow students.  

Visit our Student-Initiated Courses page for more detailed information.

Directed Reading

Like any other class, an independent study has an instructor and a course number. Unlike other classes, however, an independent study is "independent" because the student and faculty advisor co-design the course's scope, materials, and expectations.

Visit our Directed Reading page for more detailed information.

Directed Research

Directed Research units offer students the opportunity to conduct original research under the supervision of a CCSRE Senior Lecturer, a CCSRE Associate Director, or a CCSRE Tenure-Line Faculty Affiliate.

Visit our Directed Research page for more detailed information.