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CSRE PhD Minor

The Ph.D. minor in Comparative Studies in Race & Ethnicity provides graduate students pursuing Doctoral Degree’s broad interdisciplinary knowledge in the field and prepares them to teach courses in the subject. The goal of the program is to bring together graduate students and faculty from different departments, programs, and schools  to learn about how to think about race and ethnicity in their research.

The purpose of the Ph.D. minor in CSRE is to promote and deepen the understanding of participating Stanford graduate students in the multiple meanings of racial and ethnic diversity in the United States and abroad. The Ph.D. minor takes an interdisciplinary approach to interrogating the ways that race and ethnicity operate in the U.S. and/or across the globe. It also explores the ways that traditional disciplines study individuals, cultures, institutions, and policy with respect to personal and group identity, speaking to how they are shaped by often conflicting social  perspectives. Its purpose is to provide participating students with the knowledge and conceptual frameworks needed to continue meaningful work on a broad array of issues in the field of race and ethnicity studies.

Annie Atura Bushnell

Executive Director of CCSRE

Paula Gaither

PhD Minor Liaison

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As one of our newest members of the CCSRE Advisory Board, Sheela Subramanian’s career and life journey has included positions in the public sector addressing race and political representation and, upon earning her MBA from Harvard, roles addressing internet connectivity in emerging markets in various parts of the world, which led to wider

Degree Requirements

Minor Requirements

Per University requirements, all coursework must be at the 200 level. Units taken for the minor can be counted as part of the overall Ph.D. residency requirement, consisting of 135 units of graduate coursework. They may not be used to also meet the requirements for a master's degree.

To receive the Ph.D. Minor in CSRE, participating graduate students are expected to attain the minimum of 20 units required by Univeristy policy. Specifically, students must fulfill the following coursework requirements: 

Theories and Methods

Required of all PhD Minors. CSRE 300 must be taken for 5 units to count toward the PhD Minor.

  • Spring 2024 | CSRE 300: Theories and Methods in Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity | Paula Moya


PhD Minors must complete three quarters of workshop; only 1 unit per workshop quarter may count toward the overall PhD Minor unit requirement. 

  • Autumn 2023 | CSRE 301A: Graduate Workshop: Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity | Annie Atura Bushnell (Focus on works in progress; workshop held exclusively on Zoom to accomodate guest speakers)
  • Winter 2024 | CSRE 301B: Graduate Workshop: Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity | Annie Atura Bushnell (Focus on works in progress; workshop held exclusively on Zoom) 
  • Spring 2024 | CSRE 301C: Graduate Workshop: Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity | Michael Wilcox (Focus on professionalization and community engagement; workshop held in person) 

Additional Theory Course

Complete one additional theory course.

  • Autumn 2023 | CSRE 389A: Race, Ethnicity, and Language: Racial, Ethnic, and Linguistic Formations | Jonathan Rosa
  • Autumn 2023 | CSRE 343: (Re)Framing Difference: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Disability, Race and Culture | Alfredo Artiles
  • Winter 2024 | PSYCH 2015: Mind, Culture, and Society | Hazel Markus and Claude Steele
  • Winter 2024 | EDUC 337: Race, Ethnicity, and Linguistic Diversity in Classrooms: Sociocultural Theory and Practices | Sarah Levine 
  • Winter 2024 | POLISCI 224: Identity | Hakeem Jefferson
  • Spring 2024 | FILMEDIA 460: Decolonizing Theory | Usha Iyer
  • Spring 2024 | TAPS 314: Performing Identities | Jennifer Brody
  • Spring 2024 | Law 7016: Critical Race Theory | Ralph Banks
  • Spring 2024 | CSRE 377: Race, Systems, Structures | Wendy Salkin and Leif Wenar
  • Spring 2024 | CSRE 245: Understanding Racial and Ethnic Identity Development | Teresa LaFromboise 
  • Spring 2024 | SOC 350: Sociology of Race | Aliya Saperstein 


Complete at least two additional electives (note that electives may also be drawn from the Theory courses above) 

  • Autumn 2023 | CSRE 363: Race in Greco-Roman Antiquity | Sarah Derbew
  • Autumn 2023 | CSRE 207: Emergent Thinking: Climate Change and Abolition | David Palumbo-Liu
  • Autumn 2023 | ANTHRO 237A: The Archaeology of Africa and African Diaspora History and Culture | Ayana Flewellen 
  • Autumn 2023 | CSRE 340: (Re)Mediating Systems Change: Disability, Language & Difference | Elizabeth Kozleski and Ann Jaquith
  • Autumn 2023 | PSYCH 257A: Race and Natural Language Processing | Jennifer Eberhardt 
  • Autumn 2023 | HISTORY 397: Graduate Colloquium in Modern South Asian History | Partha Pratim Shil
  • Winter 2024 | ENGLISH 252: Spatial Thinking Through Black Writing | Ato Quayson
  • Winter 2024 | RELIGST 363: The Religions and Cultures of Enslaved People in America | Alexis Wells-Oghoghomeh
  • Winter 2024 | COMPLIT 348: US-Mexico Border Fictions: Writing La Frontera, Tearing Down the Wall | José David Saldívar 
  • Winter 2024 | CSRE 385: Race, Ethnicity, and Language: Pedagogical Possibilities | Adam Banks 
  • Winter 2024 | CSRE 388: Stanford Black Academic Lab: Community-Based Participatory Methods | Anne Charity Hudley
  • Winter 2024 | COMPLIT 355: The French Speaking World: Literature, Culture, and Translation | Fatoumata Seck 
  • Winter 2024 | ANTHRO 265G: Writing and Voice: Anthropological Telling through Literature and Practices of Expression | Duana Fulwiley
  • Winter 2024 | CSRE 261: Imagining Adaptive Societies | Paula Moya, Margaret Levi, James Jones 
  • Winter 2024 | RELIGST 348: Readings in Race and Religion in America | Alexia Wells-Oghoghomeh
  • Winter 2024 | ILAC 356: Asian-Latin Americans: Historical, Literacy, and Cultural Migrations | Héctor Hoyos
  • Spring 2024 | HISTORY 355D: Racial Identity in the American Imagination | Allyson Hobbs
  • Spring 2024 | ARTHIST 434: Race and Abstraction | Rose Salseda
  • Spring 2024 | HISTORY 371B: US Latinx History | Pedro Regalado 

How to Declare

1. Review all Requirements

Review all requirements via the CSRE Stanford Bulletin Page

2. PhD Minor Information Minor

Fill out the Ph.D. Minor Information Form

Note that informational forms will not be reviewed until the Spring. 

3. Meet with CSRE Academic Staff/Faculty
4. Declare the PhD Minor on Axess
Paula Gaither
PhD Minor Liaison
The PhD Minor in CSRE has given me an intellectual home in race studies and the space to meet fellow graduate students from disciplines I wouldn’t have interacted with otherwise. The program has deeply enriched my Stanford experience.