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Jennifer Taylor Milligan (CSRE '06)

What and when did you study at CCSRE?
BA in CSRE, 2006

What are you doing now?
Staff Attorney at the Equal Justice Initiative, a nonprofit law office in Montgomery, Alabama

How do you feel your experiences at CCSRE shaped your life afterwards?
I came to college hungry for knowledge and a vocabulary to talk about institutional inequality and race, in ways that explained the modern-day issues I saw in my life and in the world around me. The flexibility of the program allowed me to explore a variety of topics in seminar courses and engage in interactive research and study that built up my awareness and confidence in ways that are still with me.

What are your favorite memories/experiences of CCSRE?
Sociology of the Law with Michele Landis Dauber
Working as a Research Assistant with Prof. Larry Bobo
The Senior Honors Seminar, learning from fellow classmates who were writing honors theses

What do you miss most about CCSRE?
The community of diverse people interested in exploring and discussing difficult topics related to race. The broad course offerings and access to professors with expertise in varied topics.

What wisdom would you like to share with current students?
There is no other time like your undergraduate years, and no places like Stanford/CCSRE. Enjoy and make the most of this time you have to follow your curiosity wherever it leads, and to learn from your fellow students and professors.