Graduate RAship | The Perfecto Project

The Perfecto Project is hiring a 0.50 RA for two quarters beginning in Winter 2022. The RA will assist Paula Moya, PI and Professor of English and Danily C. and Laura Louise Bell Professor of the Humanities, in bringing to fruition an interdisciplinary health project serving the Latinx community. Part of the Motivating Mobility initiative sponsored by Stanford’s Catalyst for Collaborative Solutions, the Perfecto Project reimagines how smartphones can motivate physical activity. Rather than offering pure biometric data, the app tells installments of a story as the participant reaches movement goals. An interdisciplinary team of visual artists, narratologists, HCI design specialists, storytellers, and medical researchers will lead the design, execution, and piloting of this new modality of biometric feedback.

The RA will be broadly responsible for project management, including communicating with contributors, scheduling meetings, following up with deadlines, and inspiring timely progress toward a shared vision. They will also have the opportunity to work closely with project leads on the app’s content by editing the story, locating and selecting contributing artists, and prototyping design. They will help organize and run a pilot study to test the effectiveness of the narrative as compared to an earlier version. 

The RA should be a detail-oriented, organized, and reliable project lead with strong managerial skills. Whatever their home discipline, they must be comfortable with interdisciplinary work and must convey respect for contributors with distinct skill sets, from trial participants to visual artists to high-powered researchers. Most importantly, the RA must be invested in the project of designing health tools for underserved minorities and for Latinx populations in particular. 

Eligibility: This position is open to all Stanford graduate students that have advanced to TGR status.

Compensation: 50% RAship ($11,820 per quarter, plus tuition benefits)

Timeframe: Winter and Spring Quarter (approx. January 1, 2022 to June 15, 2022)