Graduate RAship | Race Studies in Higher Ed

The Research Institute of the Center for Comparative Studies in Race & Ethnicity (CCSRE) is hiring a 0.50 Research Assistant for two quarters starting Winter 2022 to support research efforts that will advance the Center’s mission and research agenda. The project seeks to better understand how Stanford researchers and research communities are best supported to develop innovative and impactful work on racial equity. The RA will work with Professor Alfredo J. Artiles, Director of Research at CCSRE and Lee L. Jacks Professor of Education.

This position may be of particular interest to graduate students studying higher education or interested in strengthening the impacts of academic research on institutions, policies, and cultures beyond the university.  

Key project activities include:

  1. Landscape analysis of racial equity/justice research including inquiries on topics/methods, support structures, networks and funding mechanisms.
  2. Impact analysis of the academic and external effects of racial equity/justice research.
  3. Coordination of listening sessions with faculty to understand their engagement with racial equity/justice.
  4. Recommendations on research priorities, changes in infrastructure, and engagement strategies.

Eligibility: This position is open to all Stanford graduate students that have advanced to TGR status.

Compensation: 50% RAship ($11,820 per quarter, plus tuition benefits)

Timeframe: Winter and Spring Quarter (approx. January 1, 2022 to June 15, 2022)