Looking for tools and materials to teach about race?

CCSRE has a new resource for educators and facilitators who want to develop students' or coworkers' racial literacy. RaceWorks includes: 1) a series of short videos with Stanford scholars from various disciplines that explores how people "do race" and ways to "undo racism" and 2) an accompanying digital toolkit with discussion questions and activities that complement the videos. Developed in collaboration with SPARQ, the goal was to create an open access, modular resource that educators, professionals, and facilitators can use to enhance their teaching and conversations about race.

Special thanks to Past-Provost John Etchemendy for supporting the project.


RaceWorks Toolkit

Current Members

Jennifer DeVere Brody
Professor, Theater & Performance Studies
MarYam Hamedani
RaceWorks Project Director
Hazel  Markus
Davis-Brack Professor in the Behavioral Sciences
CCSRE Director
Danily C. and Laura Louise Bell Professor of the Humanities | Professor of English and, by courtesy, of Iberian and Latin American Cultures