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Call for Submissions: Stories from Our Communities

Mar 26 2020



Racialized Pandemics: Stories from OUR Communities

We invite students, faculty, staff, and the greater CCSRE and AAAS community to submit pieces related to race, COVID-19, and public health, broadly, for our newsletters, website, and blog. These submissions may include op-eds, art, poetry, snapshots of research (including disruptions or modifications), and other works of individual and/or community documentation, reflection, and resolve. Submissions may address, but are not limited by, the following questions:

  • How are you and your loved ones coping with COVID-19 and social distancing?
  • Does your research explore aspects of the various forms of racism and/or anti-immigrant discourse (re)emerging in this historical moment of crisis?
  • What grassroots or cross-sector community efforts have you observed, participated in, or initiated that address the current crisis? 
  • How have old and/or new technologies served, or stifled, you and your community during this time? 


  • Written submissions may be up to 500 words in Word format. Exceptions to length may be made depending on the goals and type of story. Photographs of artwork shall be in jpg format. Short videos are also welcome. 
  • Please include a photo and brief bio with your submission.
  • You may submit up to three images related to your piece.