Allison Kendra
Department of Anthropology

Allison is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Anthropology. She critically investigates how the intertwined war on drugs and war on terror intervene upon the lives and landscapes they target. She conducts this research in post-conflict Peru, where these dynamics affect daily life but do not define it.

Dissertation: Ruptures and Continuities in Post-Conflict Peru: Labor, Violence, and Friendship in Landscapes of Coca and Insurgency

Allison’s dissertation details lived experiences of the war on drugs as it is enacted in coca-growing regions of Peru. These regions overlap with previous sites of insurgency, combining the war on drugs with the war on terror at a national and international scale. She problematizes notions of rupture and continuity in post-conflict settings by centering the intimate everydayness of embodied labor, friendship, and past and present violence.