Héctor Armienta

2022 CCSRE Mellon Arts Fellow

Héctor Armienta, a nationally recognized composer, creates work that explores the Mexican and Mexican-American cultural experience. His awards and commissions include those from the National Endowment for the Arts, Forth Worth Opera,, Opera Southwest, Oakland East Bay Symphony, and others. As a transmedia artist, his work has been entered into international film festivals, including his most recent project, Mi Camino. He is also the founder and artistic director of Ópera Cultura, the only Latinx opera company in the country.

Composer and transmedia artist Héctor Armienta is currently developing a Latinx immersive theater (opera) project in the virtual world. Using virtual reality, audience members will be placed in a world that draws on the Mexican American cultural experience. What they see and experience, will be live streamed. The process of developing such a project will be shared with the Stanford community and the community at large. One of the principal goals is to empower other marginalized artists of color to tell their stories in the new digital world by documenting the process and giving them opportunities to participate on some level.

Follow Héctor on Instagram @hector.armienta, Twitter @Hector_Armienta, and Facebook.