Teaching Fellowship Application Information

The Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity plans to offer three Teaching Fellowships for the 2023-2024 academic year to outstanding advanced doctoral students whose writing and research apply a comparative and interdisciplinary lens to the study of race and ethnicity. 

Fellows will gain pedagogical training and experience in comparative race and ethnic studies and will have the opportunity to work closely with CCSRE faculty and community partners. They will also benefit from support of a multidisciplinary cohort of CCSRE graduate students, faculty, and staff.

APPLICATION DEADLINE - Monday, February 20, 2023

We will be looking for three Teaching Fellows, one in each of the following positions:

CCSRE Teaching Fellow

  • Fellow will TA for CSRE 196C, "Introduction to CSRE.” The TAship entails leading up to two discussion sections; reading and grading student papers, exams, and other assignments (in consultation with the faculty instructor); meeting weekly with the teaching team; and holding weekly office hours.
  • The Teaching Fellow will also TA one additional core course in the major. This teaching assignment will depend on fit and programmatic need.

Senior Seminar Coordinator

  • The Senior Seminar Coordinator TAs CSRE's honors workshop in Fall, Winter, and Spring (200X, Y, and Z). This entails attending weekly classes, holding regular one-on-one meetings, and tracking the progress of honors students.
  • The Coordinator recruits and coordinates graduate mentors for undergraduate students and serves as a liaison for faculty advisors.
  • The Coordinator holds regular office hours, reads and responds to drafts, and meets with students individually to offer guidance and feedback.
  • They work with the Associate Director to coordinate annual Spring honors thesis presentations.

Community Engagement Fellow

  • The Community Engagement Fellow works with the Associate Director to support undergraduate students enrolled in CSRE’s undergraduate summer fellowship program.
  • They develop and maintain CSRE’s relationships with local and national community partners who participate in our summer fellowship programs.
  • In the winter quarter, they help to manage the application process, finalize community partnerships, and strengthen channels of communication with external partners. They also devise and implement an outreach and recruitment strategy for undergraduate students.
  • In the spring quarter, they TA CSRE 146B, “Approaching Research in the Community,” the course designed to support undergraduate summer fellows.
  • In the summer, they follow up weekly with students to track their progress, offer support, encourage self-reflexivity, and troubleshoot any problems that arise. They also plan the Engaged Scholar Symposium at the start of fall quarter and help to prepare students to present their work. 
  • Throughout winter, spring, and summer, the fellow holds regular office hours and meets with students individually to offer guidance and feedback.


  • A stipend of at least $36,000 covering fall, winter, and spring quarters (note that funding cannot be banked)
  • TGR fees and 50% of health coverage for the academic year (fall, winter, and spring quarters)
  • Shared office space
  • The Community Engagement Fellow will receive an additional summer stipend.


All currently enrolled Stanford Ph.D. candidates who have reached TGR status, in any discipline, are invited to apply. Students can apply to both the Dissertation Fellowship and the Graduate Teaching Fellowship, but will receive an offer for no more than one fellowship. 


  • Reach TGR status by the start of Autumn quarter 2023
  • Be continuously enrolled for the duration of their fellowship
  • Be on campus during fall, winter, and spring quarters of the fellowship year (the Community Engagement Fellow must be on campus for the summer quarter as well)
  • Have experience teaching and/or mentoring Stanford undergraduates
  • Be engaged in research that engages with race and ethnicity

Responsibilities over the course of the fellowship year:

  • No other employment, assistantship, or fellowship (unless specifically intended for travel or research expense) may be held concurrently. Exceptions to this restriction must be approved by CCSRE.
  • Fellows must participate in the CSRE Graduate Fellows Seminar.
  • Fellows must attend the Center’s Faculty Seminar Series and quarterly Faculty Fellows Chautauquas.
  • Fellows must be in residence at CCSRE during the fellowship year; they are expected to attend events and the biweekly seminar in person.
  • Fellows will submit a report detailing their research progress at the end of their fellowship year.

Application Process:

To apply, please fill out the:

Teaching Fellowship Application Form


  1. A 2-page curriculum vitae
  2. A 2-page cover letter that describes your research, your teaching philosophy, why you are interested in a CCSRE Teaching Fellowship, and which fellowship is best suited to your strengths and interests. Please also include the following:
    1. For Teaching Fellow, discuss your experience TAing and name which CSRE core courses would suit or build on your strengths as a teacher.
    2. For CSRE Senior Seminar Coordinator, discuss your approach to and experience with supporting students undertaking extended research and writing projects. 
    3. For Community Engagement Fellow, describe your experience with community-based research, community partnership, and/or activism, and describe how you would scaffold students who are interested in pursuing social justice and community-engaged research.
    4. **If interested in multiple fellowships, please make each interest known in your cover letter.
  3. A sample lesson plan: read the first chapter of Doing Race and create a lesson plan for a 50-minute undergraduate discussion section. Please include any copies of or links to any materials cited in the lesson plan.
  4. One letter of recommendation from a Stanford faculty member (preferably affiliated with CCSRE) emailed directly by the recommender to Byron Barahona at bdbaraho [at] stanford.edu. The letter should address both teaching and research. Please include the name of the applicant in the subject line. Letters must be submitted by the application deadline.
  5. Current transcript (from Axess; unofficial transcripts are acceptable)

APPLICATION DEADLINE - Monday, February 20, 2023


Dr. Annie Atura Bushnell, Associate Director of Academic Programs, atura [at] stanford.edu

Byron Barahona, Student Services Specialist, bdbaraho [at] stanford.edu">bdbaraho [at] stanford.edu