Aftermaths of Enslavement: curating legacies

Grant  Parker
Krish Seetah
Giovanna Ceserani
David Cohen
People in Project

Grant Parker (Department of Classics)
Krish Seetah (Department of Anthropology)
Giovanna Ceserani (Department of Classics, CESTA)
David Cohen (Department of Classics, Center for Human Rights and International Justice)

Project Description:

Funded in part by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

As an initiative in commemorative justice, we seek to better understand enslaved pasts via two paths: (a) by curating materials that advance scholarly research but are not easily available, using technologies that maximize their accessibility and usability; and (b) by developing learning materials, including a film, for schools and popular audiences, working with heritage professionals and teachers. We focus on the Indian Ocean World to enrich global and comparative frameworks for the study of slavery and bolster the existing regional research activity of CCSRE.