The (Re)Makery Studio: A Youth Participatory Approach to (Re)Present Exclusionary School Discipline (2020-present)

Alfredo J. Artiles
Antero Garcia
Ramón Antonio Martínez
People in Project

Alfredo Artiles (Graduate School of Education)
Antero Garcia (Graduate School of Education)
Ramon Martínez (Graduate School of Education)

Project Description:

Funded in part by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

The (Re)Makery Project is a youth participatory action research project designed to engage youth of color (with and without disabilities) who have experienced exclusionary discipline. School expulsions, in- and out-of-school suspensions, and other forms of exclusionary discipline hinder opportunities to learn, increase absenteeism and dropout rates, and reinforce the school-to-prison pipeline. The (Re)Makery Project will engage youth in activities through a virtual Studio to inquire and (re)present their lived experiences with school discipline in ways that are informative and meaningful to them. Youth inquiries and representations of their lived experiences will be crafted with the support of Project Fellows who are interdisciplinary visual, performing, and multi-modal artists, writers and social scientists working for social change. Youth’s (re)presentations will be used in a subsequent phase of this project in deliberative processes involving school administrators, staff and the participating youth designed to re-make school discipline policies and practices.